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President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that targets social media platforms and the content on their sites.  The executive order aims to remove the protections of Section 230 in the Communications Decency Act. By repealing Section 230, social networks would be legally responsible for what people post on their platforms. The law […]

In any other year, San Francisco Giants’ right-fielder Hunter Pence would be in the outfield catching fly balls on a given weeknight. Instead, he’s inside his home playing World of Warcraft. But Major League Baseball (MLB) players like Pence that are turning to video games aren’t just in it for a leisurely hobby (although it […]

The coronavirus outbreak has caused businesses to close and workers to be laid off, but bills and life still go on — even in a global pandemic. To ease the weight of many Americans’ newfound financial struggles, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is sending all Americans stimulus checks as part of a $2 trillion initiative. You […]

Today is the National Day of Unplugging, when people across the country are encouraged to take a 24-hour digital detox from all technology. It’s a harmless and totally made-up holiday designed to boost your mental health — but it’s also not a holiday that everyone can partake in. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that it […]

Archaeologists look to the past to better understand how ancient civilizations long before us lived, but by using today’s advanced technology, they can make discoveries quicker and easier than ever before. From 3D modeling to digital satellite mapping to machine learning, archaeologists are integrating modern technology into their discovery of long-lost civilizations. Gil Stein, professor […]