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Today is the National Day of Unplugging, when people across the country are encouraged to take a 24-hour digital detox from all technology. It’s a harmless and totally made-up holiday designed to boost your mental health — but it’s also not a holiday that everyone can partake in. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that it […]

Archaeologists look to the past to better understand how ancient civilizations long before us lived, but by using today’s advanced technology, they can make discoveries quicker and easier than ever before. From 3D modeling to digital satellite mapping to machine learning, archaeologists are integrating modern technology into their discovery of long-lost civilizations. Gil Stein, professor […]

Women are doing some pretty amazing things here on Earth, but women in the space sector are going the extra mile to create a stronger female presence in space and beyond. While, like on Earth, there’s more work to be done as far as equality and inclusiveness go, women have come a long way in […]

This decade has brought us advancements in facial recognition, augmented reality, broadband speeds, and autonomous driving. But as we approach the 2020s, we seem to be getting more nostalgic about old technology.  In 2019, we have seen the comeback of the flip phone with the new Motorola Razr and apps that make your iPhone look […]