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Thursday is the 40th anniversary of Skylab falling back to Earth. While most people know it as America’s first manned space station, its influence extends much further. Skylab launched May 14, 1973 and orbited the Earth 2,249 times before it fell to the Earth’s surface, landing in a remote part of Australia on July 11, […]

Since 2001, Comcast Cares Day has donated grants totaling 22 million dollars to deserving nonprofit organizations, expanded to include events internationally, and has had over 1 million volunteers give their time to help out their local communities. As the largest single-day corporate volunteer effort in America, this year’s Comcast Cares Day took place across 39 […]

Comcast recently hosted a conversation with leaders from companies housed in the Chicago innovation center, mHub, about one of the most exciting advances in tech, artificial intelligence (AI). AI is about more than robots. It’s really about using data, information and machine learning to provide seamless interactions and excellent customer experiences. AI is a range […]